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Pain Medication Programs.
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AZ Pain Medicine Clinic

We specialize in pain medication treatment for patients with medical conditions requiring pharmacological therapy or physical medicine and modalities. Are you suffering from chronic pain that just never seems to go away and you start feeling that you will have to live with it forever? Well, you don’t have to live your entire life with the chronic pain! AZ Pain Medicine Clinic can help you manage your distress and get you on the road to recovery through experienced pain providers supervised pain treatment plans and education.


Your body discomfort leads you to depression and spreads disappointment around you when it turns from acute to chronic. Our experienced chronic pain management providers will evaluate your pain management needs and get you moving towards a better life with the proper management of your aching symptoms.

Visit our pain management clinic and see why we are among the best pain management clinics in Arizona. 

Chronic Pain Treatment

Over 22% of American adults suffers from severe chronic discomfort, to the point that they choose to seek the help of a pain doctor. Injury is the second most common reason that people visit pain doctors, exceeded only by the common cold, upper respiratory infections and the flu. However, The National Institute of Health claims that 39 million Americans are unable to find relief from their chronic discomfort and injuries.


At AZ Pain Medicine Clinic, our knowledge of chronic pain treatment is what sets us apart. We are very dedicated to providing all of our patients with the most effective chronic pain management. After you have undertaken more invasive relief therapies that have been ineffective for the treatment of your pain; such as physical therapy, chiropractic, injection medicine, surgery as well as other therapies, and you are still suffering. We are the practice for you.


Our goal is pain alleviation - a goal often attained by our expert staff; however when it is not possible to completely get rid of the ache through chronic pain treatment and pain medication, we can assure you that: We will do our best to make the ache tolerable and improve the patients’ functional status.

Pain Medication

At AZ Pain Medicine Clinic, we specialize in treating chronic distress through the use of pain medication. Due to the rapid advances of modern medicine, there are now many varied pain treatments available. The degree of ache varies from person to person, so your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Pain medication treatment may include a single approach or a combination of pain medications such as:


Initial Consultation

Comprehensive examination by a pain management staff providers

Evaluation of medical history and records

Set personal goals

Development of individualized pain management plan

Assessment guidelines for continuum of care

Thorough explanation of appropriate pain medications

Office visit: 20-35 minutes

If necessary:

Additional screening and diagnostic testing referrals (MRI, etc.)

Referrals to non-pharmacological treatment facilities (physical therapy, etc.)

Continuum of Care

Meet with clinic’s providers and other pain management professionals

Evaluation of individualized pain management plan

Review of personal goals and quality of life enhancements, including work

activities/requirements and social interactions/relationships

Evaluation of any new testing or reports

Continuation of pharmacological protocol

Office visit every 28 days required

If necessary:

Referrals for additional testing or evaluation

Adjustment of pain management medication protocol

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